One of the Largest Offshore Wind Farms Opens in North Sea


An offshore wind farm, off the coast of the Netherlands is estimated to be one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

Gemini windpark has 150 turbines operating in the North Sea, which is expected to eventually meet the needs of about 1.5 million people, and will help supply 785,000 Dutch households with renewable energy.

The €2.8bn project was first conceived in 2010 as a collaboration between Northland Powder (a Canadian renewable energy company), and wind turbine manufacturer, Siemens Wind Power.

A 2016 report estimated that the Netherlands still relied on fossil fuels, which made up approximately 95% of the country’s energy supply. This has resulted in the Dutch government committing to ensuring 14% of its energy comes from renewable sources by 2020. The Gemini wind farm will make a significant contribution to this figure, as it is already reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by 1.25m tonnes.

Though there is current resistance to renewable energy in the US since the appointment of President Donald Trump, it is clear that alternative energy projects are becoming a lot more popular, and are expected to increase dramatically over the next few years.

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