April News Round Up

Throughout April we took a closer look at the activity surrounding the North Sea. We found that the key issues included the importance of technology to utilise opportunities and also understanding what the future holds for the North Sea regarding Scotland’s independence referendum to be held in September 2014.

The theme continued into last week where we pulled together the views of industry experts surrounding the topic, “How can we secure the future of the North Sea”.

We round up the highlights from April.

Is new technology the answer to the UK’s oil revival?

Over the next few years the decline in Britain’s North Sea oil and gas output is set to be reversed through new operators and technology development.

Industry body figures show that although output is expected to decline another 3-5% this year, it will rebound by almost a third […]

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Who has a right to claim North Sea oil?

The issue of who owns the oil and gas in the waters off Scotland’s coast will be one which is sure to play a big role during the campaign ahead on the referendum in autumn 2014. The first North Sea oil came ashore in June 1975 and is

thought to have peaked in 1999, with […]

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Expert opinion round-up: how can we secure the future of the North Sea?

At Renown Oil and Gas we regularly report on Oil and Gas industry news, particularly when it concerns the North Sea. Often our industry research will lead us onto interesting insights from industry experts which, for this month, we thought we would share with our customers. Read below to find three of the most interesting […]

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