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Renown Oil & Gas provides a full turnkey package in corrosion resistant, weld overlay solutions.

Weld overlay is ideal for products that will be exposed to hostile environments – Pipes, valves, forged fittings and other specialist fabrications all benefit from Weld Overlay.

We work with our customers to develop a value-added solution that is cost effective and achieves quick and efficient turnaround.

Our round the clock, 24/7 weld overlay allows us to meet our customers’ expectations of reliability and successful project completion.


Renown Oil & Gas’ Turn-Key Service:

  • Weld overlay solutions for customers’ free-issue components as well as the manufacture of complete components
  • Expert advice on the suitability of weld overlay combinations
  • Corrosion resistant weld overlay and hard facing weld overlay
  • Base materials including carbon steels, Duplex, Super Duplex, low alloy steels and stainless steel
  • Non-Destructive testing including DPI/MPI and ultrasonic testing
  • When required, PMI, X-ray and heat treatment is performed by approved suppliers
  • Full certification and documentation packages are provided upon the completion of all weld overlay projects



  • Fronius ETR cladding system with capacity for parts weighing up to 5 tonnes.
  • Additional Jetline bore cladding machines
  • Weld overlay in the horizontal position
  • Use of automated butt welding


Welding Procedures

At Renown Oil & Gas we have developed welding procedures for all the common alloys used specifically in the oil and gas industry. These welding procedures are already fully qualified and witnessed contributing to the quick turnaround our oil and gas customers expect. Our welding procedures include:

  • Inconel 625 on 4130
  • Inconel 625 on 8630
  • Inconel 625 on F22
  • Stellite ® 6 on Super Duplex

For a full list of our pre-qualified welding procedures, please contact us.



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